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Wink White Essence


Skin perfecting essence. 15ml

Enriched with Peach , Red Seaweed and various red fruit breed, help to nourish and stimulate skin cells giving skin a smoother and moisturized complexion. It also helps to reduce dark spots and acne bringing balance to darmaged skin. Get a FREE Wink White Hyaluronic Mask with every order of this item.

SIZE: 15ml

RESULTS: 1-2 weeks of regular use

CERTIFICATION: FDA Approved. GMP Certified. 


- Moisturizes and hyrdates the skin

- Helps promote skin healing

- Reduces acne

- Reduces and redness and inflammation

- Whitens and brightens the skin safely and gently

- Reduces dark spots

- Targets discoloration and uneven skin tone

- Helps reduce melasma

Red Peach Extract, Red Strawberry Extract, Red Raspberry Extract, Red Cranberry Extract, Red Pomegranate Extract, Red Algae Extract, Vitamin B3, Eucalyptus Extract, Perilla Seed Extract, Chaga Mushroom Extract

Apply a 2-3 drop on each side of the face and forehead. Spread evenly. Apply twice a day everyday after cleansing.