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Lachel Vitamin C: 3 Pack PROMO


Poten Vitamin C Supplement, 60 Capsules/ Pack 

Lachel Vitamin C is not your ordinary vitamin C, it mainly derives its Vit C from Acerola Cherry not the common orange or lemon where most vitamin C supplements are derived. Acerola cherry is known for its high concentration and high quality vitamin C content. 

1pack = 60capsules

Certification: FDA approved. GMP certified. HALAL


  • Strong Antioxidant ,Anti Oxidant help make skin look healthy and less dull
  • Consume with gluta supplement to get the fast resultation (fast whitening)
  • Strengthens your immune syste
  • Prevent Skin Aging 
  • Faded Scar and Blemish
  • Promotes the natural production of collagen

Acerola Cherry: 200mg

Ascorbic Acid: 150mg

Citrus Aurantium: 50mg

Rosehip extract: 50mg

Carrot extract: 40mg

Vitamin E: 10mg

Take 2 Capsules a day. Best taken with Lazel Gluta Pure for maximum results.