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Gluta Pancea: 5 Box Promo

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Whitening and Anti-Acne Supplement. 30 capsules. 15,000mg

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Description: Gluta Pancea is dietary skin care supplement to help with whitening and treating acne prone skin. Made with 19 essesntial ingredients that will work together to whiten and make th skin look beautiful, flawless, whiter, and glowing. 

Certification: FDA approved by the government of Thailand. GMP certified. HALAL. Ingredients imported from Japan and Switzerland. 

Size: 30 capsules per box

Results: Results possible in 1-2 weeks of regular in take. Results may vary. 


  • Whitens the skin
  • Makes skin softer and healthier looking
  • Prevents and treats acne problems
  • Power anti-oxidant to fight off free radicals. 
  • Makes skin look glowing and youthful
  • Strengthens skin barrier

L-Glutathione: 250mg

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide: 50mg

Tomato Extracts: 20mg

Zinc Amini Acid Chelate: 20mg

Grape See Extract: 20mg

L-Glutamine: 10mg

L- Cysteine Hydrochlorine:10mg

Grape Skin Extracts:10mg

Melon Powder:10mg

Pomagranate Extract:10mg

Rose Hip Extract:10mg

Emblic Extract:10mg

Alpha Lipolic Acid:10mg


Coenzyme Q10:10mg

Ascorbic acid:10mg

Blueberry Extract:10mg

Take 1 Capsule a day. Take 2 capsules for faster results.