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Gluta Frosta Plus: (3 boxes)

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Whitening and Anti-Acne Supplement. 30 capsules per box. 32,400mg.

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Description: GlutaFrosta Plus is a dietary supplementary in capsule form (1000mg/cap) that has been conceptualized through careful researched and development to ensure high quality. Gluta Frosta Plus is formulated especifically to cater to the skin and lifestyle needs of Asian people. GlutaFrosta Plus helps enhancing overall health and nourishing skin beautifully. The result is so remarkable that everyone around you notice.

 GlutaFrosta Plus truly understands skin problems. Therefore, we carefully selected the best nutrients from around the world to help trasnform the skin to more healthy glowing and whiter. Skin feels soft, healthy and looks glowing. GlutaFrosts Plus is the ultimate YES for your skin. Its the easiest way to achieve beautiful skin. 

 GlutaFrosta Plus works by nourishing and supplying essential raw materials to important organs in the systems to function at their best capacities. By improving the overall system of the body, the skin will react naturally by revealing glowing healthy skin that you'll just adore . There is no need to endure yourself through clinical treatments with unnecessary side effects, injuries, and pain. Not to mention the time and money wasted in expensive clinics. 


Certification: FDA approved by the government of Thailand. GMP certified. HALAL. Ingredients imported from Japan, USA, and Europe. 


Size: 30 capsules per box


Results: Results possible in 1-2 weeks of regular in take. Results may vary.



  • Helps with acne on the face and back 
  • Keeps skin looking whiter, brighter and glowing
  • Strengthen skin health to be able to handle sun ray and pollution
  • Reduce the appearance of acne marks, freckles, blemishes and dark spots
  • Increase moisture and elasticity
  • Promote skin smooting by reducing wrinkles and tightening pores
  • Alleviate and treat redness from skin peeling, laser treatment, or sun light
  • 32,400mg per box. (30 capsules)




L-Glutathione               250mg


Acerola Cherry             50mg      


Pine Bark Extract         60mg


Tomato Extract             40mg


Vitamin C                      40mg


Coenzyme q10             10mg


Alpha-lipolic acid           50mg


L-cystein                       250mg


Glycine                          50mg


L-Glutamine                  140mg


Zinc Amino Acid            45mg


For Acne and Maintence: Take 1capsule a day.

For Intensive Whitening: Take twice a day.

Best taken on an empty stomach. Can be taken with Vitamin C for faster absorption. 


TIP: For the best results take with GLUTA COLLA FROSTA