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COLLIGI Collagen Tripeptide + Vit C 110,000mg


100% pure high quality collagen with Vit C.

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Out with old AMADO COLLAGEN and in with the new COLLIGI Hydrolyzed Collagen Tripeptide Vit C 

Desciption: No Flour & Fat Free. Only pure 100% Collagen, Easily dissolved. Easily absobed. Leaves no residue in the body. 

HACP(High Advanced Collagen Peptide)
- It is collagen from deep sea fish, imported from Japan, being similar as collagen structure of human skin,
having smaller molecule than normal 4 times which is quickly absorbed into small intestine.

- Body can use it to produce collagen beneath skin promptly and use it in process of producing collagen in many
organs more better, especially in cartilage cells, articular surface and skin cells, etc.

-Promptly revive skin within 7 days only and the result shall is totally different.

-After 10 days of taking, you will get the moisture and flexible skin

-Firming , Look healthy and Brightening skin

As we use amado collagen continuously (more than 6 weeks) you will get the better skin.

  • 60% Decreasing wrinkle area
  • 72% Reduce dark spot 
  • 77% Pinky face
  • 87% Decreasing acne problems
  • 92% Having more moisturise on your skin
  • 95% Relieve Dark circle under the eyes
  • 96% Easy to put the make up
  • 100% Relieve Urticaria issue

Size: 1 can has 22 scoops

Certifications: FDA approved. GMP certified. 


Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide: 5000mg/ teaspoon

Ascorbic Acid: 30mg/ teaspoon

5030mg per teaspoon* 22teaspoon per can : 110,000mg/ can


- 1-2 spoons per day
(1 measuring spoon = 5 grams)

- Should drink on an empty stomach or before bed

- Can mix with drinking water, tea, coffee, milk and every

fruit juices or sprinkle on foods such as soup, yogurt, salad

dressing, any fried food without change of food taste.