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Oh My Egg Soap Anti- Acne Formula

Brands: Pasjel Pasjel , Sexy Trends Sexy Trends

Wash away acne causing bacteria and nourish your skin. 80g

  •  COD

Decription:  The combination of egg white, lemon oil, and natural oil extract makes your skin look brighter and bring softness back to your skin.

Certficiation: FDA approevd by the government of Thailand. GMP certified. No steroids. 

Size: 80g

Results: 1-2 weeks of regular use. Results may vary. 


  • Softer baby like skin
  • Acne free skin
  • Deep cleansing
  • Nourishing
  • Kills acne causing bacteria

Main Active Ingredients: Egg White Extracts, Shea Butter, Tea Tree Oil.

Use twice a day everyday. Rinse with water after. Suitable for face and body use.